Why Buy A House In Roanoke?

Foreclosure, divorce, moving out of town or having problems with a mortgage? Are you living in a rented apartment, in an unwanted property, a vacant house in Roanoke that is not habitable? In any case, buying a home in Roanoke is a good idea.

Home selling process

House selling is not easy, and buying a house can be quite tricky too. There are many aspects to consider, both in buying and selling. It is important that, in both cases, you engage professional real estate agents to handle the transaction for you.


Selling a home with realtors involves expenses on documents and taxes. Forms include country transfer tax for deed and mortgage, state transfer tax for deed and mortgage, appraisal cost, and many more. The essence of time is very important in sales. Unless the house is sold, expenses will keep on piling up.


You may have the funds on-hand for buying, which means you can make a cash offer on a property that you like. However, it's not the same as buying goods in a supermarket wherein you pick an item, go to the cashier, pay the amount of the item, then go on your merry way. When you buy a house, the process is much more complicated.

Finding the Perfect Property in Roanoke

Purchasing property needs perfect timing, from ensuring that you have enough finances to pay for the mortgage to finding an ideal home to buy. These simple steps should be followed if you want to buy a house.

find your perfect home in roanoke

Begin search early

 Start from the Web sites, magazines and newspapers that advertise estate listings. Identify the property you are interested in and note down its duration in the market. It will certainly give you an idea of the direction of your goal.

Money talks

Find out the status of your finances. The annual household income of home buyers is important to home lenders. It is important because lenders take note of the other debts to make a 20% down payment. Determination is the key to managing your finances.

A Pre-qualified and Pre-approved Mortgage Credit

For you to be pre-qualified, financial information should be submitted to your mortgage banker. A review of the data will give an idea of the amount of your take away money for the property. Is enough, or is it sufficient enough to pay the property at stake? Soon after the review, your mortgage banker will furnish the pre-approved credit. Additional legal documents such as paycheck stubs, W-2 statements, bank account statements and others are also required to verify your financial status and credit.

Find a Trustworthy Roanoke Real Estate Agent

A reliable real estate agent is your precious partner in buying a property. They have all the expertise in the processes involved with home buying, negotiating skills, and familiarity with the location. Mortgage agents work for free because their efforts are paid through a commission by the house's seller.

Do a Survey of the desired Home and Offer a Bid

Choose a house that will suit your needs, including the neighborhood, the location and other specifications. It is not easy to remember every place you visit. One friendly reminder is to take pictures to help you remember.

You may want to check the following:

  1. Plumbing- check if the water runs well and sees if the hot shower is running.
  2. Electrical connection - check if the switches are working.
  3. Parking - is it enough for the family and visitors to come and visit?
  4. Traffic - along the street where the house is located.
  5. Accessibility and amenities - access to necessities such as schools, shopping centers, restaurants, parks and public transportation.

After finding all these, negotiate with your agent for a fair offer to the houses' value around the vicinity. When an agreement on price is reached, the house will proceed to escrow to complete documents and other related items in the buying process.

Closer to Owning a House in Roanoke

The biggest step is the decision that you wanted to buy a house. Once you've reached that point, everything else follows in proper order. When working with a realtor, all of these steps will be part of your house-buying process.

Home inspection 

Now is your chance to thoroughly inspect the house for other structural deficiencies and damages for fixing purposes. The agent may lend a hand in the works while the seller accepts the paper documents. During this period, the buyer has an option to renegotiate or withdraw(without penalty) if the ocular inspection does not satisfy your interest.

A report stating the findings will be furnished to the buyer and the seller. The buyer should make decisions if there is a thing to fix before closing the deal.

Select the loan and work with your mortgage banker

Banks and lenders have a wide range of options to offer - competitive programs for loans that will suit customers' needs.

A Roanoke home buyer can choose a loan mortgage that suits their budget. Having the assistance of experienced and responsive bankers makes the process stress-free.

Appraisal Time
+ -

An independent appraiser will provide the buyer and the lender with the property's estimated value. The appraiser determines the fairness of the deal. He looks at factors like house conditions, vicinity and location, access to public transport and necessities, the area's safety, and many others to give a fair estimation of the property's current market value.

More paper works and legal documents
+ -

The lender assigns a company to process the house purchase documents. It makes the deal legal and binding.

Deal Closed!
+ -

Your signature is required for the documents of the house purchase to complete the deal. A couple of days is needed for the loan to be funded. And the delivery of the lenders' check will finalize the deal.

Responsibilities of a home buyer in Roanoke
+ -

Knowing the roles and responsibilities of a buyer is critical. This understanding may help you to know where to look for help to get the process expedited. Each person is involved in the buying-selling process.

+ -

The seller actively works with the agent and decides the home's price and other matters relating to the sale. They are also responsible for any repairs needed after inspection.

Real estate agent
+ -

Communication about the sale of the house comes from him. They work out and provide support for the buyer and the seller.

+ -

The Roanoke buyer must identify their needs and wants and be prepared for other costs related to the purchase and options for its financing.

The buyer's real estate agent
+ -

The buyer's realtor represents and supports the buyers' needs, including home shopping, home inspection, contract negotiations and financing, and settlement.

+ -

The lender's role is to finance the transaction. U.S. federal law also calls for lenders to help home buyers understand the mortgage loan disclosure and terms. A home buyer need to know all the details pertaining to the financing including interest rates, payment schedules, duration of the loan, and foreclosure details.

Frequently asked questions

There are questions commonly asked by buyers of houses. Let's try to answer some of the most common questions posed by home buyers.

Can Sellers list their property with multiple Agents?

Definitely Yes! Especially if the property is listed for a long time. For a quick sale, an offer will be sent immediately to you. But if there are no cash offers in the immediate future, then finding another realtor is also recommended.

How Can you Sell a House' As Is'?

Getting ready for a sale, in a hurry and having limited cash, fixing a house can create a dent in your finances. It may not be immediately sold because new owners do not want to buy a home that needs repair. So 'as is' sale comes in, wherein the realtor can offer the house and all the fixing that comes with it.

How long should I wait to sell my house? 

When the situation calls for immediate action, the transaction time can be as little as possible. A seller can short sale or put the property in the real estate listings as soon as you've decided to sell, provided that there are no complications with the legal documents.

Is it possible to buy a home pending foreclosure? 

YES! Houses can be sold immediately to prevent foreclosure.

How much can a house be sold?

There are factors to consider to determine the cash offer. A Roanoke representative will be sent to the property for evaluation of the following:

  • Repairs and cost needed to resell the house
  • The present condition of the house.
  • A requisition from the estate commission requiring a sale of the house
  • Valuation of the home compared to other houses in the vicinity
  • Associated cost in maintaining your house while on repair, including taxes, insurance and utility payments, homeowner dues and others.
  • Expected profit after everything.


Buying and owning a house in Roanoke is a difficult process. It can be compared with traversing a road with lots of stones, bumps and sharp curves, and multiple corners. But soon, the road is your destination. The end is the fulfillment of your goal of having your own home.